G2 lite is the new industry branch of G2 Electronics which offers complete ranges of touch switches for lighting. A valid example is Corlite, the first brand of plates made active with touch, which has a Corian sould, a solid and versatile material that has many perks: it is resistant and durable, its compactness and non porosity make it extremely hygienic; inert and non toxic, it is ecologic, made respecting severe rules.

All these features, together with G2 Lite’s unique design, guarantee to the Corlite plates the possibility of being inserted in every furnishing context. The product is indeed made in an only block of six millimetres, so that it can guarantee lighting of ambiences as a semihidden element and of the least obstruction.

Not for chance the strength of G2 Electronics’ products is given by their being a valid answer in the entire catalogue Corian and in different standard colours. Versatility is the key word of these touch plates created by G2 Lite, available in three versions: Fos, Kyklos and Lithos, different for manufacturing and sight, but every one of them equally excellent in introducing a futuristic lighting in every ambience desired.

A future which becomes present and tangible in Corian’s strength, essentiality and appeal, the material which thanks to Corlite is officially entering the world of domotics.