Allowing domotics to enter your houses is G2 Electronics’ aim, an industry which for thirty years has been studying intelligent and new solutions to simplify and make your daily activities better, to guarantee you a major control of the house. Offering you an avant-garde system with touch technology is one of them. With the brands of G2 Lite touch plates it will be possible to transform the traditional electric system in an avant-garde system.

G2 Electronics’ description of domotics? A house which can be controlled in a simple and yet practically, without giving up on design and appeal of its elements. Indeed, the electric system suits perfectly to the aesthetics urgencies chosen for every room and is hi-tech thanks to a lighting technique based on touch system.

G2 Lite’s two brand lines include a large range of touch plates which will be able to integrate perfectly with the architecture and that, according to taste and need will be able to be principal elements in the furniture, as well as semi-hidden elements. An intelligent domotics knows how to open every house’s door.

Let’s take as an example the Smartline brand, which together with Corlite is one of the two solutions offered from G2 Electronics to make quality and functionality of your electric system better.

The strength of this range of touch switches resides in the possibility of not intervening intensively on the pre existing lighting system, leaving it all as before, simply substituting the traditional mechanical switches. Therefore, the supports and the pre existing plates will stay at their places, turning into touch