These new switches with touch activation by G2Lite® replace normal and mechanical ones; a new definition of easyness. It is possible to maintain the whole old plant and electrical furnitures and change only the swithces. Everything stays hidden behind a print and traslucent plate. It is only necessary to touch once with a finger to open the light and a second touch to turn it off. Once mounted in the wallbox, the existing electrical furniture can be used to support our switches. The prints are available in white and black as well as personalized as the customer needs demand.

Interruttore doppio


Prodotto classico senza bisogno di particolari introduzioni. L’interruttore doppio consente di comandare due distinti punti luce oppure di comandare l’apertura di porte e cancelli. Come tutta la serie di interruttori, i due comandi sono programmabili distintamente come interruzione o pulsante.